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Ver 1.089 of the IQXP Program is posted in the download area. The new version adds many enhancements of already running features like the global alert tickers, sound feedback system, and log The sound feedback for the various alerts has been refined to add better differentiation and also the use of DirectX DirectSound for speed and mixing capabilities. This affects the Trade Window (designed and used by Dan Zanger of www.chartpattern.com) - a visual and audio presentation of trades relative to bid & ask. The Global Symbol alerts now have new sounds for the breakout alerts and the trading at new high.

The program includes a portfolio manager that lets you track investments and can generate detailed reports. The portfolio manager is in use by individuals, companies tracking their investments, small broker dealers, financial advisors and investment managers. This version implements some new features in the portfolio manager and has a redesigned "Sell" interface for simple buy lot selection. This simplifies the issue of reconciliation of the cost basis for sell transactions - especially helpful at tax time for those with many transactions.

The program has a Dynamic View Window that gives an independent view of any portfolio with selectable column headings and a major feature of sorting the view by volume, price change (percent or dollar), volatility, and today's volume to average volume (30 day average). The sorting of the selected portfolio is set by an interval timer, from 2 seconds upward. This lets you, in an independent window, watch the most active symbols in your local portfolios - a special setting of 'All Symbols' lets you see the sorts on all symbols contained in the IQXP Program. The today's volume average volume ratio is particularly effective catching early breakouts when their trading volume exceeds the average volume early in the trading day. Like any window in IQXP, you can use all function keys to access additional data or displays for any symbol highlighted in the window with one key stroke.

Trendlines and chart notes are now active in the new version. It also includes a new data Export and Scheduler that lets you export daily data (several fields to select from) and chart history of all symbols in the program in daily, weekly, and monthly time frames. Maximum number of points is 400.

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Updated 14 June 2012

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