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IQXP Program TradeWindow - TradeDisplay and TickTrend Window - Enhanced in Version 1.070

The TickTrend window that is a part of the TradeWindow shows the last 50 trades on the selected symbol and if traded at or above the Ask - green chart, between Bid and Ask, - light blue chart, and if at or below the Bid - red chart.  The numerical insert on each histogram is the sum of the volume for each of the conditions - the trade volume shows on the top of each trade bar. 

The top panel display above the histograms shows the trade price, change, tick volume of the last trade, total volume, number of trades, and the ratio of total volume to the average volume. If the total volume goes above the average volume the ratio indictor turns green.


taken 29 May 2008 - at the end of the normal market hours.

The Up/Down arrows next to the symbol let you quickly view other symbols in the list.  Each symbol has a volume threshold setting that lets you filter out smaller trades.  The TradeDisplay shown below shows the trades as they occur for all symbols in the TradeWindow list.

The value of this tick trend wind is that it can show you the buying and selling presure that fluctuates around a symbol.   Many have reported using it to do their trades by waiting for a better market condition prior to placement.

The TradeWindow Shows the trades on the symbols that you have selected to be in it. You set a trade volume threshold filter to minimize small lots from affecting the view. In the screen capture below of the TradeDisplay you see a MSFT trade and the the red arrow to the right of the change field indicates that the trade was at or below the bid price. Also on the display is a snapshot of the salient parameters for the trade: Trade Volume, Total Volume, and today's high and low.


The Window has an option that lets you hide the rest of the IQXP Program so that only the TradeWindow shows letting you use its capabilities in addition to other programs that might be sharing the IQFeed/DTNIQ connection.

The IQXP Program stores all trades that appear in the TradeWindow in a TickList log. The format of the log is similar to a time and sales window except that trades have been filtered by the trade volume threshold and the the program includes other information on the trade like relation to where traded to bid and ask. Color highlights let you easily see price direction - the full backfill of green or red on the symbol name also shows if the symbol just traded at the high or low of the day. This coloration also shows on the TradeWindow display. Below the TickList log - it stores up to 5,000 ticks - the alert logs can be used for inclusion into other programs too as they are ASCII files with semicolon delimiting.


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Updated 29 May 2008