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The new Comparison Window in version 1.070 lets you compare over time the performance of up to three symbols at the same time.   You can quickly change the display by portfolio, next/previous symbol in the portfolio, and a separate selection list.


You can change the starting comparison point so that you can see the percentage gain or loss from there to the end of the chart.  In addition to moving the starting comparison point you can switch time frames from Intraday, daily, weekly, and monthly to view performance from very short term (minutes) to years.  

The presentation is an ideal way to compare fund performance over the long term (say 3 to 5 years) year to date, and last quarter.

The image above shows the DOW 30 as the first symbol comparing it to SIRI and ALTI showing the gain / loss since 1 January 2006.  This view was captured on 23 May 2006.


The above screen shot is of a newer presentation of the Comparison Window.   The chart shows two mutual funds, PRLAX and OGIXY where the comparison starting point is on 1 Jan 2006.  The chart shows the May correction and subsequent turning up turn 11 days later.  The chart also shows the inherently greater volatility of PRLAX, prior to 2006.  

The chart also illustrates the continuing refinement of screen layouts and displays of information that goes on in each design cycle.  One feature of this window is you can either populate the comparison symbols by a selection list of any symbol in the IQXP Program or use the Portfolio selection feature where you can quickly switch the symbol selected (indicated by the Green background) to that of the first symbol in the portfolio shown in the Portfolio Display.  After selection of the portfolio, then you can use either the PageUp/PageDown key or click on the Up/Down arrow to the left of the symbol to go to the previous or next symbol in the portfolio.  This lets you quickly compare symbols in a given portfolio or between portfolios.

In the Portfolio Selection display, you see the %gain or loss of the portfolio relative to yesterdays closing prices.  In the case of funds it is only accurate after the market close - the above shows a portfolio named SQFunds up 2.01% since yesterday.

Copyright 2006 David Edson

Updated 26 May 2006