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The IQXP Program is the result of over twenty years experience in the design and development of real-time stock and commodity market analysis applications. The author in prior years worked for a fortune 500 company in electronic design engineering, systems engineering, and program management.

The IQXP Program has a unique sound feedback system that gives direct real-time alerts, market sentiment coloration, and trade behavior. The author prior to writing market analysis software spent twenty years in the anti-submarine-warfare (ASW) area developing and working with acoustic systems for detecting and tracking underwater objects - this knowledge and experience in the processing and analysis of acoustic information has influenced the sound feedback and implementation in the IQXP Program. Dan Zanger, of ChartPattern.com, was the key contributor to the trading display and sound feedback system for tracking trades relative to their bid and ask position - this is shown in the TradeWindow in the IQXP Program.

User feedback and requests shape the product - these requests form the 'To Do' lists for the next generation.

If you need a special function in the IQXP Program or would like to have us help you in a custom stand-alone application let us know. We have put in specialized functions and features in past releases including unique technical indicators that eventually the full IQXP user community get to use and find very helpful in navigating the complex trade decisions - especially in these volatile markets.


Real-Time Stock Market Analysis, Charts and Portfolio Management

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Updated 24 Apr 2010